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What does a dental digital lab do?

What Does a Dental Digitial Lab Do?

A dental digital lab is a place where digital images are made of teeth, gums, and bone.  It’s a fantastic way to ensure that you get the best images of the mouth and underlying bone structure before any sort of major oral surgery. In dentistry, digital imaging is focused on creating a 3D image of…

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How to Select a Dental Digital Lab

If you’re like most dentists, you’ve changed labs because of inconsistencies, high prices, poor communication, and delayed cases. You can save yourself the headache by making sure that your relationship with a lab will be successful. It’s a choice you should think carefully about, and here’s what to consider. To begin, we must ask: Why…

dental digital lab

Using a Dental Digital Lab

Many dental practices look at going digital as a massive undertaking- and it is! Read through this article on DentistryIQ and you’ll see some of the major hurdles involved.  Here’s an excerpt: Time investment Going digital requires time. You’ll need to research to learn all you can about the different systems. Talk with other labs…