Dental Surgical Guides

Dental Surgical Guides and Treatment Planning Starting at $250!

Three-dimensional CT scans can provide accurate information on treatment area proximity to the alveolar nerve canal and sinus walls. With the CBCT and the introduction of the Guided Surgery Dental Implants, the practitioner are able to save time and place more implants in one session, this is more profitable to them and less risky to the patients.

Complete information about the quality and quantity of the bone makes it possible for the dentists to determine the ideal location for your patient’s implants. This will increase the probability for a successful operation. I provides confidence that implant placement will proceed smoothly and safely. Surgical guide help ensure that all of your patient’s implants are properly placed using all of this valuable information.

For many years, certain companies were controlling the market. The Surgical Guides required approval from overseas which kept our client at the mercy of these controlling software developers. Now, all these issues have been solved and have become easy to order the surgical guides, and either 3d print them or use a 3D milling machine with cost-effective and faster. Accuracy is first on our list, cost-effectiveness comes second to accuracy and we make sure it is more affordable to you which become more affordable to the patients


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