3D Bone models

We also utilize digital model scanner, AutoScan 3D Dental Scanner, independently developed by Shining 3D, is mainly designed for dental gypsum model scanning and measuring. 3D Dental Scanner capture the high-accuracy geometrical shape of the model, which can be applied to dental implant, dental prosthetics, orthodontics and others in dentistry.

We can create your radiographic guide digitally and you need no more to use acrylic or Barium Sulfate. Simply we scan you models and if you are close to our imaging centers, you can send you your patient for the CBCT and intraoral scanner for minimal charge. We will scan the maxilla, the mandible and both arches combined, using the intraoral scanner or the models we create your radiographic guide by adding pontic to the area of interest and emerge it with the 3D converted files using 3rd party softwar options such as GuideMia, Simplant and others.

The model scanner uses white-light scanning method mode provides you high-quality STL data within at accuracy of 15 µm, which makes the CAD design easier and more accurate. The automatic rotating platform adopts two-axis design; AutoScan assure all parts scanned and the data has the most delicate details.

Digital Patient Archiving

Main benefit of Digital models is to keep your patients records in 3d. They are accessible from anywhere. Interface with your patients’ management system so the case is created only once.


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