What Does a Dental Digitial Lab Do?

What does a dental digital lab do?

A dental digital lab is a place where digital images are made of teeth, gums, and bone.  It’s a fantastic way to ensure that you get the best images of the mouth and underlying bone structure before any sort of major oral surgery.

In dentistry, digital imaging is focused on creating a 3D image of all structures in the mouth to produce the best outcomes for dental implants and surgeries.  By using a 3D image, all sides of all structures can be examined so the surgeon or dentist performing the implant can make sure that underlying bone can receive the implant properly/securely, and thus have the best result.

Our Cinzara system takes your conventional CBT imaging (either performed at your location and sent to us or performed at one of our centers) and turns it into a 3D image, which we can use to position the implant properly.  There is NO LIMIT on the kind of implant you use- we are able to use the specs from any type of implant to customize the implant planning on our end.  We chose to use open system technology for this, to give you the best experience and never limit what you can use at your practice.

If you’ve never sent us a case before, now is the perfect time to try!  Our team will receive your CBT image and immediately get to work. We can perform dental implant planning, or go further and produce a dental surgical guide.  A dental surgical guide is an amazing way to ensure the perfect placement, and our low cost and next day service is a no-brainer when it comes to making the choice to implement this new technology.  You can implant faster, safer, and more efficiently with a dental surgical guide.  Our prices for both treatment planning and dental surgical guide start at $250, and may go up slightly if multiple implant are needed.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to provide a quote and review the process with you so that you’ll be fully confident in our team and our product!


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