Annual Technical Seminar on Implant Dentistry & CBCT Scans

Our March 30th annual technical seminar was a resounding success! We brought in Dr. Scott Ganz, a graduate from the University of Medicine and Dentistry – New Jersey Dental School.  He completed a three year specialty program in maxillofacial prosthetics at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX, and is well-published in scientific and professional journals nationally.  We’re so honored to have him speak at our event, his extensive experience and knowledge was incredibly well received.

Dr. Ganz presented “Achieving True Restoratively Driven Implant Dentistry through Advanced in Imaging Technologies and New Pre-Surgical Prosthetic Planning Concepts”.  This presentation demonstrated concepts that enable clinicians to understand the state-of-the-art tools for diagnosis and treatment planning to assess patient anatomy and achieve true restoratively driven implant dentistry through CT/CBCT imaging modalities. The use of true 3-D image reconstructions allows clinicians to virtually and interactively evaluate bone anatomy in all views as an aide in locating implant and/or bone graft receptor sites. The “triangle of bone’ was shown to describe the ‘zone’ of available bone.  The use of virtual prosthetic components links the implant position with the desired restorative result through advanced software innovations.  Once the plan has been defined surgical templated are available for precise guidance at the time of surgical intervention, to place implants within the envelope of the desired restorative plan.

Additionally, our April 1st seminar included a lecture from Dr. Christos Angelopoulos, a graduate of Aristotle University, School of Dentistry, Thessaloniki, Greece.  His lecture was titled “The Hilly Terrain of CBCT: Reading CBCT Scans”.  As an expert in the field, Dr. Angelopoulos encouraged active participation in reading CBCT scans for diagnosis.  Several scans were reviewed and different cases discussed; the cases varied from routine to serious and aggressive ones that need to be addressed immediately.  It was an exciting, informative, interesting lecture!  Strategies on how to ‘attack’ a scan diagnostically so that nothing is missed was the focus, and participants came out of the lecture with simple strategies for more accurate diagnosing.

Many thanks to all for attending, lecturing, and sponsoring!  Sponsors included i-CAT, Advantage Technologies, Expertec Dental Laboratory, Golden Dental Solutions, Facial Pain and Sleep Center, and CinZara.

Below is a gallery of the event:


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