About Us

CinZara established its head office and manufacturing facilities in Troy, Michigan. Guided by our ambitious plans, CinZara is setting its sights on becoming the world’s leading company in the dental implant industry in the 21st century in the course of realizing our management philosophy of “improving oral health for mankind.”

CinZara includes the following set of integrated products and services:
  • GuideMia: An FDA approved
  • Support various scan protocols: single scan, dual scan, optical scan with CT, etc.
  • Design surgical guides for full arch without compromise
  • Open system taking DICOM and STL files from any sources, and generating STL models that can be loaded by other systems
  • Design surgical guides with complete control over the drilling holes and surgical kit options.
  • Many patent pending technologies

Surgical Guides:The most affordable surgical guides for every case scenario. Manufactured and designed in USA, cutting down delivery time in half.

Digital Lab Service:Offering complete Implant-related service such as Radiology Reports, Conversion & Image Modeling and Customized Treatment Planning services


3144 John R Rd. Ste 100 Troy, MI 48083