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Welcome to 3D Dental Implant Planning by Cinzara

CinZara provides 3D conversions for your DICOM files from CBCT or Spiral Medical scanners, virtual implant treatment, orthodontic planning, guided surgery and digital dental lab services locally and nationwide. Cinzara is based out of the Detroit metropolitan area.

At CinZara, we work very closely with doctors, radiology laboratories, imaging centers, implant companies, educators, and software providers to bring our clients the best possible service by incorporating the knowledge of all fields in one place. At CinZara, we are committed to providing you, our client with timely, accurate, and readily accessible 3D image processing solutions.
As your assistant and partner, CinZara helps the dentists and the dental labs deliver quality dental implants and restorations by providing the highest level dental treatment.

Our Advantages

Method of Payment

We accept the all credit cards and create the history of cases of each.

Innovative Techonology

All our Implant Planning and Surgical Guides are furnished with state of the art software and 3D printers and maintained at the highest standards.

Guarentee Quality in Service

All of our treatment planning are generated by dentists with advanced traning and all the treatment planning are approved by the implantology/dentist.

Certified OMR

The radiology reports are signed by Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists.

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